Welcome! This is it!  I have joined the ranks of the blogging community!  My hope is to share with you ideas, stories, thoughts and research and tell you about it.  Simply. Clearly. And hopefully with art and style.


I will be writing about a wide range of contemporary topics and connecting them to areas I have been involved with for over three decades…communications, public relations, marketing, brand and leadership.


I welcome you to comment on the pieces I have written and share them with others. And importantly, even suggest topics you are interested in hearing about from me or start a conversation.


My blog posts will carry many different themes…think of them as a potpourri of my consciousness. They all will be focused on providing deeper understanding of topics and hopefully make you think, explore something further, smile or yes even inspire you into action.  If I have done any of those…well then…I will feel it was entirely worthwhile.


I look forward to our journey together.


Welcome To My Blog

What better subject is there, right? Let’s talk about your concept of your professional self, and where potentially… you want to go.